Thursday, August 30, 2012

That Akward Moment of Life When You're in Europe Part 4

That artistically inspired moment of life you FINALLY come across "that European bridge" you dream of being proposed to <3 <3 <3

That adventurous moment of life you find yourself walking the streets of Podgorica, Montenegro with your friends and you have absolutely NO IDEA where you are going...#lost.under.Your.Montenegron.Sky.

That sketchy moment of life one of your friend's asks the lady cashier at a Montenegron gas station where the closest place to exchange American Dollars to Euros is, and she says, "Keep walking straight, go under the bridge, and take a right and there will be a man standing in the corner that will help you." =P =P =P

That awkward moment of life you're white water rafting in Montenegro, and you see a group of people chilling to your left on the river side and you randomely yell, "LABA DIENA, Kaip jus sakisi man draugai?!?!?!?!?!?!" (good afternoon, how are you my friends? in Lithuanian) and they all fall silent and there is this VERY awkward! =(

That moment of life you are truly convinced one of the white water raft tour guys IS RUSSIAN because he has the most deeply/cold/blue/piercing/intimidating/poetically/serious/haunting eyes you EVER seen! #Russian.Men.EyeZ. <3

That FREAKIN HILARIOUS moment of life you find yourself "chilling" in a bush in Kosovo at 12am in the middle of nowhere.....#Europe.has.NO.BATHROOMS.

That glorious moment of life you have FINALLY made it back to the border after 10 miserable bus hours and it's 1AM, you're beyond tired, hungry, and the Macedonian border security lady makes everyone get out of the bus to check passports and you are so TICKED OFF you come very close to giving her your most "haunting.scary.and intimidating Russian stare!: #WOW!...REALLY!?!?!?

That artistically inspiring moment of life the bus driver randomly stops the bus in the middle of nowhere within the Albanian mountains, It's 10pm and you find yourself lying down on the rough rocky ground, star gazing, and you start singing "So Far Gone" by Thousand Foot Krutch...<3 #Lost.underneath.Your.Albanian.Sky...<3

Guess what I did in Kosovo at 12am.....I......I..........=P #Real.Missions.Life...

That sketchy moment of life you walk into a European internet cafe for the first time ever, it's night time, the cafe is underground, there's graffiti on the walls as you walk in the "tunnels" that are almost pitch black and there is an overall creepy space theme going on...

That funny moment of life you and 6 of your friends on your missions team are making your literal "Last Macedonian Supper" and the cheese you are cutting is very watery/milky white and Josh is like "that cheese is leaking!" and you're like, "This is freakin REAL EUROPEAN CHEESE...the cow was probably milked this morning!" and Josh is like "EWWWWW!!!" #FREAKIN.REAL.EUROPEAN.CHEESE!

Lastly.... That deeply sad moment of life you're riding the bus to the airport in Skopje, Macedonia, it's 3am, and one of the last songs you hear on the Macedonian radio is called "You & I"....<3 <3 <3 #eternal.tears.forever.falling...................

On a more reflecting note, thought I would include some serious life shaking moments as well:

I'll never forget that moment walking by a young Bosnian man about my age...staring straight into his deep, saddened blue green eyes, and I could just feel his pain, his scars...his hopelessness...this very moment motivates me and reminds me why I do music ministry in the first place...

Pastor Dragon's Wife's sermon summary: NEVER.GIVE.UP. Never give up on prayer. No matter how long it takes, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, 10,20,30,40 + years, keep on praying with the SAME PASSION & mater what! God WILL MOVE in His timing...<3

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