Monday, August 13, 2012

I Did This For You

I've questioned many times,
why I chose to pursue this journey,
Robert Frost's "road less traveled",
I could have taken the easy way,
the safe way,
the secure way,
the pain free way,
but that would have murdered my soul,
leaving me lifeless,
At the moment,
my mind can't seem to picture those individual faces,
those beautiful souls,
my precious European & Russian brothers and sisters,
To the young Lithuanian Christian man I pray that actually exists in this world,
I don't know who you are...YET....
but I do this for you,
for all the young Lithuanian boys and girls,
with those big innocent and sweet hazel brown eyes,
who have God sized passions and dreams to make this world a better place,
I do this for you,
for the young Russian musician,
who has the passion,
to shake the darkest corners of Europe and your homeland,
for Christ,
through our hearts for music ministry,
I pray one day I know who you are,
I do this for you,
To the 4 year old orphaned Polish girl,
with the deepest sadness a precious daughter should never have to go through,
to bring a light and hope to your pink flower soul,
any day,
any second,
I do this for you,
To the young Macedonian man who broke my Lithuanian heart into a trillion pieces,
and left this stained glass  soul shattered on the white sidewalk to die,
I  choose to forgive you,
it hurts like hell,
but God has changed my heart,
a wise Bosnian man once said,
"We must suffer to their hearts..."
and oh how these words of wisdom,
shook everything I knew,
now I realize what it means to "Take up my cross daily"
now it makes perfect sense, of what it takes to suffer to the hearts of every European and Russian soul,
I would have rather risked going too far,
Than watch love wither away,
Like a spotless dove white flower,
Pulled out from underneath the Millenium cross,
all it's chances at life gone...
To Letters to Lietuva,
my beautiful country,
my Lietuva,
you'll look back 10 years from now,
and realize,
how everything made sense,
all the chaos and craziness,
all the joyful moments,
all the heartbreaks,
all the crying and tears,
all the get to this place,

New Design~Thousand Foot Krutch:

I've never felt this way before
I've never come so close
I've never worn so thin
I'm stepping out
Instead of closing in
Left myself behind
When I made up my mind
No turnin' back this time
This is my new design...

Sometimes I feel so alone
It feels like I'm standing out here on my own
I've never felt so far from home
It's comin' on, it hits me
When I step outside my zone
Cause sometimes, I feel so alone
It feels like I'm standing out here on my own
I've never felt so far from home...

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