Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stained Glass Eyes

We grew up two worlds apart
We were so close but yet so far away
Two decades later we cross paths
I remember shaking your hand
As I looked into your deep black brown eyes
There was something inside of them,
You didn't know,
but I knew,
You know what it's like being in a cultureless culture,
trying your best not to lose your identity,
and assimilate with the rest,
What it's like to grow up with people,
who firmly believe there is no hope for their homelands,
that have been scarred by communism,
that old mindset,,
you know exactly what I mean,
 and somehow finding hope to rise above all this,
and pursue our dreams,
ignoring the word impossible,
and just smiling boldly,
giving each obstacle in our lives the death stare,
until it disappeared,
the beauty of language,
your accent is like a Tchaikovsky melody,
Oh how I can't wait for the day to completely lose the accent I gained while living in America,
what a glorious day that will be,
 you understand food culture,
the art of eating cabbage rolls,
simple, healthy, natural non preservative food,
living in a culture that does not know how to eat,
that does not have a food culture,
You actually get those cultural inside jokes,
that the rest of society just stares blankly,
totally lost,
you think you know me,
but you really don't,
I think I know you,
but do I?
Oh the poetic  European seriousness of how you carry yourself,
I try my best not to laugh,
cause I totally do the same thing,
just standing there speechless, like the young man holding the saukotis,
what is REALLY behind those shattered stained glass eyes of yours...<3

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