Monday, July 30, 2012

Letters To Lietuva: Day #384

In honor of this new crazy season up ahead, I decided I'd dedicate quite a bit of blog posts to the following reflections, "Letters To Lietuva".......I haven't decided if Letters To Lietuva is going to be blog posts, an actual physical journal, or a mix of both. In honor of this PASSION, this VISION, this DREAM God has placed in my heart to pursue; the goal of moving to Lithuania in 385 days, to start doing music ministry in Lithuanian churches and on the streets, to attend Lithuania Christian College to major in teaching English, and simply to love on all my dearest Eastern European/Russian brothers and sisters and win these nations, each precious & beautiful soul for Christ!  This 385 day journey, I know straight up, WILL NOT BE EASY. It will be one of the hardest challenges to overcome that I have EVER faced in my life when it comes to spirituality, health, finances....but I truly believe if my dearest Jesus has called me to this fate, to rise above this mountain in Christ's name, I believe EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE with my Jesus. In the end, it will be worth it...Every hellish day, every sunny day, every colorful stained glass moment that lies ahead....I dedicate these following writings, every single my dearest brothers and sisters of Eastern Europe & Russia.....This is all for you....<3

Day #384

Well, yesterday I got a call from the Ukrainian Deli that I got the job....I was left absolutely SO speechless. I couldn't contain my excitement. I screamed, danced and sang around my room like a 5 year old child! Was this real life? I couldn't BELIEVE at how faithful God's hand was...Realizing all that it took to get to this place, for this very hour, I am SO humbled that God trusts me with this job at the Ukrainian Deli. This job means the WORLD to me. Having the blessing of  working with Eastern Europeans in America, and realizing that this deli is where all the Ukrainians, Russians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles etc hang out, it just seems too good to be true! All I can say, just observing how God has been shaping my life, this Ukrainian job, was meant to happen. I can't even begin to IMAGINE what God has in store. I'm SO FREAKIN EXCITED to meet each dear European and Russian soul. Just realizing all the beautiful memories that lie's going to be one lovely year that I'll remember forever....

On a more funny European side note....So far, experiencing the European/Russian men culture, I'm going to make a thoughtful perspective of what I THINK the Ukrainian men at the deli will be like. They will be young, close to my age, married, cold, not welcoming, and be very serious.They won't even bother to talk to me. From my experience with these types of men, it takes a while to crack their eggshell...but ONCE you  do....dang...there's no turning're friends  (or more LOL) for life! It will be cough cough VERY INTERESTING to see how these cultural interactions unfold and all those lovely awkward moments that lie ahead!

It's such a poetically serious moment seeing my life right before I enter the doors of the UK Deli for my first day at this job, then after realizing all the moments of life that happened were meant to be in Christ...I wish I could paint a picture, some metaphoric abstractness representing this turning point in life....I will never be the same....

I will most likely not leave this job SINGLE....=P

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