Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Never Turning Back

I dedicate this following poem to all my dear friends who have gone through that point in life where you are at a cross road, waiting for God's direction of what exactly to do....<3 

It was going to be one crazy year,
She honestly didn't know if she had the strength and courage to run down this path
it was so overly hipster,
she couldn't even find the heart to laugh about it,
the doubts, worries, fears drowned inside her mind,
Was this possibility of life even possible?
Was this dream worth dreaming?
How could one month turn a life upside down,
She felt like God had taken her plans,
crumpled them up into a paper ball,
then ripped this paper into a million tiny pieces,
as He happily danced and skipped around in the wild flowers,
and said, "My child, I have something far greater in store for you..."
She saw this coming,
oh how it ever so was going to come,
it made such perfect sense for this time, this very hour,
it was too perfect,
but oh the struggle, the heartache, the perserverance it was going to take,
She didn't want to imagine,
the reality of doubters in her life,
she felt frozen,
but knew that she had to take that step off the edge, trusting that Jesus would catch her,
She cried out "Father God, I can't do this, I can't, I can't, I can't, I CAN'T!!!!!'
He stretched out His loving hand, looked into her eyes, and whispered, "My beautiful daughter, I believe in you, oh my precious daughter,  how I believe in you,
I will believe in you in those moments when everyone else around you ceases to,
I will believe in you in those times when you want to give up on your passions and dreams,
I will believe in you on those darkest nights,
My child, I will believe in you forever...."
 She felt the greatest wave of peace surrounding her,
and knew that it was time,
time to take that passionate risk,
to redeem a nation of broken people,
keeping her eyes on the One who gave her the song inside her heart, 
even if it meant leaving everything behind...
and never turning back...

 Wherever The Wind Blows by Pillar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGwCJ_LWJHc

"I've been here for so long,  I think it's time I move on, so tell me where it is, that I need to be...wherever the wind blows, you will find me there...<3"

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