Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Emerald Green

Today I was reminded of how much I miss you
How I once forsook and disowned you
And left you standing there with tears in your eyes 
After Ieft you, I realized the beauty you possesed
You were a treasure in my heart that I kissed goodbye
As the years passed, I came across the ashes of my childhood love
You were withered and torn...and scarred....
Oh, what a foolish child I was,
To forget you and leave you like this.....

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Day I Died in Search of You

A poetic interpretation of an experience that forever altered my perspective on life.

There once was light......and there was darkness.........
and they somehow found themselves at war with each other......
The darkness evily smiled, blood dripping from it's lips like a venomous snake, the scales on its eyes blinded it from reality, as it's eyes rolled into the back of it's head revealing a tormented soul.......
the power of darkness slyly spoke...
"you are WORTHLESS"
"you're not smart"
" you will NEVER be good enough"
"just look at you, you're such a HUGE FAILURE"
"you have no power to change the world, you're stuck.....with no way out"
"All your hard efforts mean NOTHING"
"Everything you do is WRONG, it's BAD"
"DISCOURAGED?..Perfect........die in it....."

As light sat there and watched this horror unfold before her eyes, she confidently proclaimed back,
these young people before me,
They are all dearly loved PRECIOUS CHILDREN OF GOD,
They are SO WORTH IT in My eyes,
They have SO MUCH POTENTIAL to change the world and make it brighter, full of laughter and hope
They are ENOUGH. I accept them as they are.
They are the GREATEST MIRACLE that I smile upon everyday!
I pray for ENCOURAGEMENT in every are of their lives.

and the light said to the darkness:

"May every essence of you, be eternally banished to the depths of the abyss never to be seen again, I command you to LEAVE....NOW....TO HELL with your lies!!!"

and as I walked out that classroom.....I cried.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Art of the Human Soul

The art of giving your heart and soul to a broken world is one of the most precious and beautiful endeavors you will ever experience.

There will be those who spit at your heart and soul, kick it, beat it up, mock it, reject it, underappreciate it, and think it is completely worthless.

There will be those who lovingly embrace it, cherish it, hold it, kiss it, and tell you, you are SO worth it. 

Are you willing to give your heart and soul away, for the glory of Yeshua? realizing there will be pain, suffering, but also relentless joy, hope, love, and miracles of the impossible?

Are you willing to love those who you know will reject you back?

Are you willing to risk it all for Jesus?

At the end of our lives I hope and pray we can look back on it, and say "IT WAS WORTH IT"

all the struggle, wrestling of thoughts, I pray we have no regrets, but rather a peaceful confidence knowing that we took up our cross everyday for our passion for Yeshua <3 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Classroom Prayer

I would like to dedicate this prayer to all the young people of Lietuva.

Father God, thank you SO MUCH for my brothers and sisters in this classroom. I pray forYour greatest blessing  over each of them, that You would give  each of them a revelation of Your heart and love. Be with them, pour out and anoint them with Your Holy Spirit. I pray how each of them may get to personally know You Jesus, send angels and people into their lives to show them who You are. Give them direction for what You have called them to do in the future, guide them with Your loving hand. Heal any areas of brokenness in their lives and fill them with Your hope, love, light, grace and confidence. Thank You so much for how precious they are in Your eyes Jesus. I give them back to You. Ahmen. <3