Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Art of the Human Soul

The art of giving your heart and soul to a broken world is one of the most precious and beautiful endeavors you will ever experience.

There will be those who spit at your heart and soul, kick it, beat it up, mock it, reject it, underappreciate it, and think it is completely worthless.

There will be those who lovingly embrace it, cherish it, hold it, kiss it, and tell you, you are SO worth it. 

Are you willing to give your heart and soul away, for the glory of Yeshua? realizing there will be pain, suffering, but also relentless joy, hope, love, and miracles of the impossible?

Are you willing to love those who you know will reject you back?

Are you willing to risk it all for Jesus?

At the end of our lives I hope and pray we can look back on it, and say "IT WAS WORTH IT"

all the struggle, wrestling of thoughts, I pray we have no regrets, but rather a peaceful confidence knowing that we took up our cross everyday for our passion for Yeshua <3 

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