Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Classroom Prayer

I would like to dedicate this prayer to all the young people of Lietuva.

Father God, thank you SO MUCH for my brothers and sisters in this classroom. I pray forYour greatest blessing  over each of them, that You would give  each of them a revelation of Your heart and love. Be with them, pour out and anoint them with Your Holy Spirit. I pray how each of them may get to personally know You Jesus, send angels and people into their lives to show them who You are. Give them direction for what You have called them to do in the future, guide them with Your loving hand. Heal any areas of brokenness in their lives and fill them with Your hope, love, light, grace and confidence. Thank You so much for how precious they are in Your eyes Jesus. I give them back to You. Ahmen. <3 

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