Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do. Not. Be. Silent.

Do not be silent.
Please, I beg you, Do not be SILENT.

He used to passionately pursue his guitar
now it is left to collect dust and disintegrate into ashes as it is thrown into the fire

She remembers how dancing in her pink ballet shoes made her heart come alive,
now the sweet pinkness is covered in stained black dirt and unwanted garbage

He deeply regrets in his soul not telling her how much he loved her
Now she unexpectedly moves to a different country leaving her "old" life behind...
knowing she may never see him again...

She reflects back on painting the dawn, the sunsets, the sunrises, and his deep blue eyes,
now she "grew up" and pursues financially savvy dreams...

The homeless young boy stands on the cold dark streets of Moscow as the needle piercing wind blows in his sad hollowed face, 
waiting for the sweet warming musical melody that never came,

There is a quiet and shy girl who doesn't believe she is good enough or pretty enough to dance ballet,
she wishes she had an older sister that would tell her that "She believes in her".....tears stream down her pale face....

She's sitting under a tree, in a park underneath the Eiffel Tower, the colorful glowing upbeat city of Paris, is a distant memory in her heart, she puts her head in her hands as a single tear falls...she wishes he knew what she knew,

He cries inside his heart, in horrific disbelief... he missed his opportunity, his chance...he screams in agony to the vast empty starry night sky, the darkness echoes back in his face,

She's an aspiring artist, the colors she paints boldly portrays the  stained shattered glass mystery behind every human eye, and nostalgic heart, the father she thought she looked up to doesn't believe in creative future dreams, she longs to have someone encourage her to pursue her "poor shoeless passion"....

Dear friend, the following above stories don't have to end like this....It's up to you....Every day we have the opportunity to choose to be a voice in a dark world that echoes beautiful life changing melodies....Are you going to stay SILENT????

Do Not Be Silent by Nuteki (Не молчи)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Miracles of the Impossible

  I go to a bible study on Monday evenings at North Central called PLATFORM. It is honestly my most favorite bible study that I've ever been a part of in my life! I'm not saying this just to say it, from the bottom of my Lithuanian heart, I mean it. The young gentleman who leads this bible study always blows me away with his passionate heart for God and life challenging messages. You know those moments of spiritual life where you become so lost in God?, that's what the worship is like.This evening  I was challenged with the following phrase that was something along the lines of this:

"Pray to God that He would bless you with an "Impossible" situation in which He would prove Himself that it is not impossible!"

AHMEN. I think we all need this reminder in our lives. How many times have we doubted or feared that Jesus would not come through for us?  I know I have....

There was a moment this evening during bible study where we simply prayed to God for "Miracles of the impossible" over various situations that we were facing in our lives. It was truly beautiful to hear everyone's prayer perspective.

I know in my own life I desire to live in such a way where Miracles of the Impossible are a daily reality. Sometimes our lives may not make sense in this present moment, but we serve a loving heavenly Father, who holds all our passions, visions, dreams, desires, joys, sorrows, fears, doubts, the largest and smallest concerns in the palm of His hands, and in His perfect timing He will reveal this truly literal (As the worship leader at Platform bible study expressed)  "Unimaginable plan" for our lives....
He also stated something like, "If you can imagine the plans that you think God has for your life, then you are not even close to realizing what God has in store for you." ~Steve Bradley~

I leave you with this....In what areas of your life do you need a "Miracle of the Impossible?"

Simple Worship

A few weeks ago, I was pacing my room simply praying to God asking for Him to show me His will. He placed the following two words on my heart "Simple Worship".

To say that I am very PASSIONATE about Worship Arts is quite the UNDERSTATEMENT in Jesus name! Sometimes I may even be just a little TOO OVER passionate....if that's even possible. Like as in, I apologize in advance if my over passionate music soul offends you in any way....With these two words that God reminded me of, it was almost too perfect of a "coincidence".

Looking back on this cough cough...."musical" year.....what musical year?....not going to lie or sugar coat this, but it was honestly rough. I think I was a cute little naive "city" girl when it came to the "art of worship leading" in the cities. I'd like to look at this year as a literal "worship arts testing" from God. I thought it would be SO EASY to find a church to plug into and do this whole worship leading thing....but I found out that it's not so....week after week passed, month after month, and a semester passed by. I was like, "God, are you for real?" Leaving me hanging like this with NO worship leading opportunity?" God whispered to my soul "Aiste, why do you worship me?" I was like, "God, what kind of question is that?!?!?! I worship you because it's when my heart connects the closest to You and I have a passion to reach the hearts of people for You through this art of music ministry!".....then it HIT me in the face like a cold Siberian tsunami, call it a spiritual slap, or whatever you like.....
I realized that all God desired is that He wanted me to "Simply Worship" Him, and Him alone.
This meant developing a daily habit of taking a little time out of my day everyday, my guitar/flute and sing my heart out to my Savior. God wants us to cherish those "little" moments of life. I honestly think my mind was SO set on finding that worship arts opportunity within the church, that I overlooked this concept. When you're in your eighties and look back on your life, what will you remember? Will you remember all those worship leading times/concerts or those "little" moments of musical life that you spent with God? When you no longer are physically able to do stage dives in the crowd, sing or play your favorite instrument for Jesus, will you look back in regret wishing you could have spent those "little" musical moments simply worship Jesus? That really convicted my soul.

It's. so. true. So many times I think we as worship leaders get SO focused on the traditional way of worship leading (stage platform, high energy worship song performance, "flawless" instrumental & vocals) that we forget what it means to "Simply Worship".  We forget that there are SO many other CREATIVE ways to go about loving God through music.To me, simply worshiping means loving on God's people whenever the opportunity arises. Wither that's talking to some dear soul on the streets of Moscow and sharing the love of God with them through music, or hanging out with my sister or dear friend. It's something that is to be done daily wither life is going great, ok, or terrible. Simple worship is singing to Jesus when you aren't on the stage platform.

In the end, it's simply a daily expression of your love to God....