Monday, April 23, 2012

Miracles of the Impossible

  I go to a bible study on Monday evenings at North Central called PLATFORM. It is honestly my most favorite bible study that I've ever been a part of in my life! I'm not saying this just to say it, from the bottom of my Lithuanian heart, I mean it. The young gentleman who leads this bible study always blows me away with his passionate heart for God and life challenging messages. You know those moments of spiritual life where you become so lost in God?, that's what the worship is like.This evening  I was challenged with the following phrase that was something along the lines of this:

"Pray to God that He would bless you with an "Impossible" situation in which He would prove Himself that it is not impossible!"

AHMEN. I think we all need this reminder in our lives. How many times have we doubted or feared that Jesus would not come through for us?  I know I have....

There was a moment this evening during bible study where we simply prayed to God for "Miracles of the impossible" over various situations that we were facing in our lives. It was truly beautiful to hear everyone's prayer perspective.

I know in my own life I desire to live in such a way where Miracles of the Impossible are a daily reality. Sometimes our lives may not make sense in this present moment, but we serve a loving heavenly Father, who holds all our passions, visions, dreams, desires, joys, sorrows, fears, doubts, the largest and smallest concerns in the palm of His hands, and in His perfect timing He will reveal this truly literal (As the worship leader at Platform bible study expressed)  "Unimaginable plan" for our lives....
He also stated something like, "If you can imagine the plans that you think God has for your life, then you are not even close to realizing what God has in store for you." ~Steve Bradley~

I leave you with this....In what areas of your life do you need a "Miracle of the Impossible?"

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