Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The world screamed NO,
They laughed at my passion,
they didn't believe in me,
It was like I was suffocating breathing in it's toxic air,
it was like a tsunami,
pulling as hard as it could to drag me under into the abyss,
and drown,
so deep,
that there would be no chance to ever recover,
and a vision that COULD HAVE changed the world,
just died,
and laid there quietly, overgrown with black green murky seaweed,
screaming in silence,
 no one hearing her cries,
forever lost,
in a moment of history,
that eternally passed,
but amongst the darkness,
there was a glimmer,
ever so little,
a diamond so small,
no one would ever have bothered to notice,
when everything seemed forgotten,
and so broken,
so dead,
out of nowhere,
He reached out His loving arms,
looking into her gleaming deep sea blue eyes,
and sweetly said,
"My precious daughter,
Don't give up,
My precious child,
the passion I gave your soul,
there is still hope,
a tear slide down His glorious face,
My dear child,
I weep for you,
your heart,
your soul,
your smile...
precious daughter,
just hold on one more day,
and you will see,
how every moment in your sparkling life,
 was meant to be,
every beautiful soul you've ever met,
every heartbreak,
every disappointment,
every soul scarring moment,
every laugh,
every tear,
every joy,
every depression,
every golden sunset,
my precious daughter,
I love who you are,
never change that,
for someone else,
or for the world...

After The World ~Disciple~

Was I there, through the worst of all your pain?
Was I there when your blue sky ran away?
Was I there when the rain was flooding you?
I hope you would feel, those were my tears,
falling down for you,
falling down for you...<3


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