Thursday, August 2, 2012


What happened to you?
I always wonder,
As I sit on the front porch swing,
swaying in the warm summer breeze,
as the sun sets,
you are like a mysterious shifting black shadow,
here in the evening,
gone by morning,
why did you leave so suddenly?
why didn't you tell me?
why did you forget to say goodbye?
These questions beyond murder my soul,
my heart,
you don't strike me as someone who would leave another hanging,
your kind eyes,
was I decieved?
your precious smile,
were those lying lips?
My heart does it's best to see the absolute beauty in humanity,
that's what I did for you,
I saw the beauty in you,
I hope that you would do the same for me,
I looked past everything,
and saw who God created you to be,
 it was more glorious than an endless mountainous Albanian sunset,
I'll never forget your distinct voice,
your laughter,
your hugs,
your heart,
even if it means not seeing you for a week,
a year,
ten years,
until we cross eternity's path,
your beautiful soul,
forever opened my eyes,
and my heart will eternally smile at all the dear memories shared....

I remember the times we spent together were not used to feel like dreaming...except we always woke up...never thought not having you here would hurt so much... <3~FM Static

Tonight~FM Static:

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