Wednesday, August 8, 2012


She sat on the cold hard wooden,
she just wanted to cry,
and give up,
 her heart couldn't take this,
she was so sick and tired
of being left hanging,
out in the cold,
How could he do this?
Why was he such a liar?
a flirt?
a fake?
why was he so kind at first,
why was she foolishly fooled?
why did he leave so suddenly?
why had his heart turned into the Siberian tundra?
he was European charming on the outside,
but his heart was a poisonous red apple,
She doesn't didn't understand,
this culture,
seemingly warm,
but reality was,
their hearts were decieving,
their hearts were cold,
scars, oh deep scars had yet to be healed,
from the beginning she sensed the painful seriousness,
one look in his eyes,
she just knew something had happened,
something so scarring,
he would never tell,
not even God,
it was just lost too deep in his soul,
she wanted to throw the stupid hardcover dark blue colored book into the fire,
furiously rip out EVERY SINGLE page,
and shred it into a million pieces,
and make him watch it turn into mere gray lonely lifeless ashes,
he wouldn't even bother to shed a single tear,
that's how heartless he was,
but deep in her soul,
she knew she had to simply forgive,
and pray that one day,
a glorious light would smile down upon his dead face,
and dark coal blackened heart,
she had slowly learned to believe in the beauty of second chances,
remembering a dear friend once told her,
"sometimes, in life we must suffer to their hearts,
suffer to their hearts,
SUFFER to their hearts,
oh Father God,
I pray,
I'm on my knees,
crying out to you,
give me the strength by Your loving grace,
to suffer,
suffer to their precious hearts,
suffer to his precious heart...


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