Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lost Under Your American Sky

Those sweet fall days
when God placed you in my life
it was unexpected
I was focused on leaving the country,
you are what I like to call the "American surprise"
I was left speechless,
I knew the prayers I prayed,
you were seemingly the answer?
The surprises of God,
what an unpredictable, beautiful, risky adventure,
I am in awe of this moment,
how close it never came to be,
if it weren't for this world's scarred historic past,
I would have never touched American soil,
I'm left speechless,
This whole life,
I look back and laugh,
it's just so crazy,
out of the millions of dear souls in this world,
I happened to cross paths with you,
I'm sure God looks down from heaven,
waiting in overly excited anticipation,
like a child on his 5th birthday,
for two souls to meet,
it's so scandalously mysterious,
like secretly smuggling your name,
into a Serbian's hands...


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