Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Creative English": A "normal" English speakers guide to poetic thought Part 1

I believe "Creative English" should be considered as a completely another language. I don't know about you, but for those of us who speak this kind of English....we tend to leave "normal" English speaking society quite confused as we talk with colorful metaphors, poeticness, similes, alliteration, parallelism, and so on. I would like to take my dear time to "define", "interpret" and "translate" several of my own phrases.....

"Artistically Inspiring" (wither that be a young European man, a building, a painting, a piece of jewelry, a stained glass window, or some unusual abstractness)

"He reminds me of a an orange flavored strawberry:"
1.He is a musical narcissist at heart.
2. He is peculiar, but has admirable qualities, and such beautiful sea glass eyes.

"Everything I say is a sarcastic lie": (Figure out this riddle...it's easy...=P)

"Walking the streets of this beautiful life"- as life is lived many wonderful people were met and great experiences happened that forever hugged and kissed one's soul.

"Colorful alibis and scandalous smiles"- a genre of young European man..be careful with such as him.

"Oh how he loves potatoes"- He's full of himself. Arrogance is his morning cup of tea.

"Oh how the Russian tables have turned"- expected turn of events, good for the protagonist, unfortunate for their enemy.

"The scars remain"- not physical, but rather emotionally, internally, soulfully, heartily.

"It was as if heaven descended upon earth" a life situation was so beautiful it felt like Divinity had overshadowed it.

"It's like I died and could never be resurrected again"
- experienced such an embarrassing moment you never want to show your face in public ever again....OR you were so happy it was like just BEYOND frikin happy.

"I was left so speechless"- A life situation which you were so shocked (usually a good thing) your over social personality literally has no words to speak.

"One bite never hurt anyone" - in reference realization to Eve, when she took a bite of that tempting red juicy apple, all of humanity was destructed and sin entered the world.

Don't laugh too hard....=P To be continued...Part 2

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