Friday, April 4, 2014

Fire In Your Eyes

I'll never forget that day,
That realization of life that unfolded before my very eyes.
He said to me, The day you lose the fire in your eyes and the soul in your smile, is the day your life officially ends".....
I remember I smiled, almost laughed, and I let his words lightly sink in.
As I got older, I realized how true his words were.
As I looked around me, I saw all these people....going somewhere......
and his words continue to resonate in the back of my mind,
I saw people who had lost that fire in their eyes,
and my heart felt so broken for them,
I promised that it would never happen to me,
and as I continued to get older,
the fight against flesh and the spirit grew stronger,
in a self destructing world,
I can honestly say there were very dark times in my life where the fire in my eyes was lost,
the fire was challenged,
put through burning trials that tested the very heart and soul of who I was,
but something deep in my soul knew that I had to keep this fire alive,
even if it was only a tiny spark that could be diminished with a single tear drop on my face,
even if it meant I would have to stand all alone through too many dark hours,
I knew that if I let this fire die once and for all,
all hope would be lost,
and HOPE must NEVER  be lost in the loving arms of God,
as I saw this broken world around me,
I knew I simply couldn't stay silent,
this fire that God gave me,
must passionately burn for this beautiful world to see.....

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