Friday, April 4, 2014

This is IMPOSSIBLE! I CAN'T do this!

If there's two words that don't exist in my vocabulary its the words "IMPOSSIBLE" & "CAN'T".
I simply choose NOT to believe in such words.
I would like to write a response to those people who do believe in such words and say these words to others that make them feel discouraged and want to give up on their visions and dreams.
I don't know what bitterness scarred your soul as a child,
but seriously what kind of person are YOU to be SO rude and insensitive to your very own flesh and blood?
Do you realize how deep your words scar our hearts and souls?
Do you take pleasure and delight in bringing others down, and crushing their spirits?
Do you have a sick joy in your heart realizing that your discouragement is ruining God given passion, visions, and dreams? Does that just make you smile?
What kind of person are you to be SO HEARTLESS?!?!?!?!

If you want living proof that God still does miracles of the impossible today,
talk to me.
I have seen God come through in ways that are NOT humanly possible.
I have seen healings that SHOULDN'T"T be physically possible.
I have seen God unite humanity in communities that shouldn't have the possibility to exist.
God has put  beautiful and inspiring people in my path of life, that was completely His Divine coincidence, and not my own doing that radically impacted and changed me to who I am today.

I have been in that place where I heard the insults of those around me.
Saying that I "can't" do this,
or this passion, vision, or dream is truly "impossible"
or the sickening shit of "you'll never learn that language"
and yeah let's be honest, those mocking insults that come from such narrow minded people hurt like hell.
They don't realize the own poisonous venom of their deathly lifeless words.


What kind of IDIOT  does one have to be to be so negative and depressing towards someone?

If I am living proof that Jesus has come through so powerfully in my life, who is someone to say to me the words "can't" or "impossible"?

Mere jealously?.....................................................................................................................................

Because God has literally come through EVERY situation in my life that I thought would be impossible.
and He continues to do so EVERY DAY. and HE WILL NOT STOP.
Cause guess what?

All your insults, slaps on my face, every poisonous word, I will shield with the words of the true living Son of God, and rise above the impossibilities and "can't's of this life".

I'm that type of personality, if someone says I can't do something or that my vision or dream is impossible, I like to personally "slap them back in the face" (Metaphorically speaking of course!) and PROVE THEM WRONG. I like to then shut their mouths by showing them it IS TRULY POSSIBLE WITH GOD, and then leaving them speechless with nothing left to say. If it has to be done to such extreme measures such as this, I will do it with no regrets. 

Since I myself have experienced those feelings of discouragement and worthlessness, I choose NOT to be like those people who crush others dreams, hearts and souls. I choose to be that light for Jesus that ENCOURAGES, INSPIRES,  & AWAKENS, others hearts back to life, so we can all together pursue God's vision for our lives.

~Aistė Miškinytė

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