Monday, May 5, 2014

Saying Goodbye

Is this what life has come to?
Saying goodbye
As I stared out my window this morning, 
It was as if my own city was crying
The grey dreariness 
Is this what life truly is all about?
Moving to and living in different parts of the world all your life
Meeting beautiful people
Falling in love with them and their hearts
Then as the seasons pass, it comes time to say goodbye?
And move on? 
So is this truly the seasons of life?
I wish we could all live together in the same place of the world,
But if we did, 
In reality, what would be the point of life?
If we were all in the same place, 
The beautiful challenge to come back to you, and fight with all my heart to be with you,
Would not be there, 
Perhaps that is one of the reasons why life exists, 
Simply doing everything we can, to come  back to the ones we love.

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