Thursday, May 22, 2014

Words Left Unspoken

Today as I was scrolling through facebook, I came across a quote that made my heart freeze....

"If you love someone, Tell them, because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken".

I can honestly say, this has to be one of my life quotes. It really got me thinking about my own life. I was taken aback and convicted by the phrase "words left unspoken". I can't even begin to count how many times in my life, where I should have said something to a person, but I decided to forever hold my silence and not tell them. I'm sure dearest friend you can relate to this situation.

When it comes to evangelism, this quote really touches my heart. I'm challenged from the perspective, if I truly love humanity, and the people around me, I will speak words of life, the gospel and Jesus Christ to them. To be silent about the reason why I am truly alive and passionate about life, would be one of the greatest sins to ever commit in my opinion. Honestly, throughout my life, I remember many times throughout my life when I have heard God's voice prompting me to speak to a certain person, but out of fear of the unknown, I keep silent. That is one of the regrets of my life that I have thus far. All those conversations of life where I have chosen to be quiet rather than speak my heart. So everyday, I make it a goal to simply speak my heart to others, for who knows how many days we have on this earth? I really try to remind myself of that perspective.

Also, being a missionary in Europe for the past 3 years of my life has taught me so much about relationships. I vividly remember one missions trip about two years ago, when I was in Macedonia. I remember when my missions team, about 20 of us were waiting in the capital, Skopje, at the airport. My missions professor made all the girls in our group raise our  right hand and repeat these following words. "I, Aistė Miškinytė promise NOT to bring home a Macedonian boyfriend." The irony in those words I tell you.....I think I almost did....As a missionary, especially a young lady, I'm going to be honest, seriously, if God has called you to be a missionary in Europe...........let's be really honest, the stereotype is true....European men are hott and drop dead gorgeous... (that in itself is a HUGE UNderstatement) .well at least most of them. From my experience as I start to fall in love with the culture around me, it's hard not to become distracted by all those European seriously.....if you walk down any street corner in's like you wish you could marry the first 100 young European men that you see.  and as the above quote applies to this circumstance, I felt very convicted again. As I reflect back on my life, I'm a really shy personality when it comes to this issue. I will not go out of my way to tell a young man that I really like him. It may be obvious in his face, but I really don't take initiative to do so. Wither this is a good thing or bad, I have yet to find out.....Looking back, there have been too many words left unspoken, where I should of told him, but I didn't,....all 25 times..... and at first I had huge regrets, but I guess to contradict myself, I'm glad I chose to remain silent in those cases...On a funny missionary young lady side note...just from speculation, it seems as if the longer I wait...the young men that God blesses me to cross paths with keeps getting better and better...It's like a miracle...seriously......God is truly TOO GOOD....

So my dearest friend, I encourage you to take this quote into deep consideration and apply it to your life. Who are those loved ones in your life, or that person that needs to hear those "words left unspoken" that are stirring deep within your heart, soul and mind? Go tell them truly, how much they mean to you, for who knows what tomorrow will bring....or even IF there will be a tomorrow......

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