Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Punk Rock Musician

She quietly slipped in through the sunshine wood colored door
found a seat on the right hand side in the corner of the balcony
the aroma of the evening was pitch black
the only light was coming from the illuminated colorfulness of the stage
He wore black skinny jeans,
converse hightops,
A Ramones V-neck shirt,
His hair was a Trevor McNevan blonde fo hawk
 He was singing a catchy punk rock melody
 It seemed to be that he was practicing for his senior recital
His stylish rock voice echoed through the walls of the sanctuary
She sat there, so still silently in awe holding her breath
"What's wrong with my voice!?!?" He says loudly
"I can't sing!, Let's try this again, can you rewind the song back a little?
He tries to sing to his desired perfection,
and again,
and again,
and again,
and again...
"Can I have just one more chance?"
"K, we'll give you one more try, then you're dead" the sound guy says jokingly,
The punk rock musician belts out his melody once last time with anticipation,
then suddenly,
he stops singing,
"I'm dead" he says in a serious disappointed tone,
"Yeah, your voice needs alot of work, let's call it an evening" the sound guy says,
Her heart drops into the depths of the abyss,
Tears, slowly start dripping down her face,
She is in horror what words she has just heard,
the endless unsatisfaction of the punk rock musician,
She is absolutely amazed by his voice,
and he overlooks his musical gift and only sees the negative,
Oh the unending silent cries of the passionate punk rock musician...
She secretly leaves the sanctuary breathlessly,
He looks up,
right at her,
she never notices,
how his heart smiled...

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  1. wow you like punk rock. I remember sex pistol, 80's punk rock band