Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Boy In The Black Leather Jacket

The lights were dimmed
Everyone in the crowd around me had their eyes closed
A sweet melody flooded through the remaining gap from the stage
There was a calmness, a sense of God's peace
just when I thought life couldn't get any more mysterious
I open my hazel brown eyes
and there was You...
sitting on the floor right in front of me,
as if somehow God purposely staged this moment,
there You were,
the boy in the black leather jacket,
my nostalgic heart jumped suddenly,
I could feel the long awaited tears creep into the corner of my eyes,
I was taken aback to my musical past,
today was His birthday... his birthday....
Oh Father God, why did you have to remind me?
It's been a year, you're 23 now and I'm 18,
why did You have to put this boy with the black leather jacket in front of me?
Don't you realize how hard it is to look back to that beautiful yet tearful heart day?
That day I saw Jesus through His deep brown eyes for the very first time,
His kindness,
His smile,
Our letters,
Your heart...
then the day where life tore Love apart...
that boy in the leather jacket was You.....it was You.....it had to be You...
To this day, I will never understand why God put "You" in front of me,
I don't believe in just "mere coincidences"
only "Divine Appointments"
so one heavenly day  "you will see some day
that all along the way
I was Yours to Hold..." (Skillet)

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