Thursday, April 25, 2013

European/Russian Music Ministry Reflections Part 1

So this evening I came across some Russian music videos. I was honestly intrigued......If it's not already obvious to you yet dearest friend, I am in love with the Russian culture....and that's even an understatement! I have a HUGE heart for doing European/Russian music ministry as well, as many of you know...........This passion has definitely been iginited over the past several years. Again and again, i'm reminded that I, Aiste can't do this music ministry thing alone. Some days I feel like I am the only one in this world who has a passion for European/Russian music missions. I know this current assumption is obviously not true. I'm hoping this summer, as I go to the Steiger Missions School in Germany, I'll meet more dear like minded souls who share in this music passion.

Going to the darkest corners of Europe & Russia is definitely NOT going to be easy. Especially from a music ministry stand point. After coming across this random sampling of music REALLY got me thinking.....Reaching Europe & Russia for Christ is NOT a one man band job......I'm honestly OVERWHELMED at what needs to be done for God's glory. I pray over the years that God does plant seeds of faith in His perfect timing in the hearts of dear souls who do have this same European/Russian music ministry passion. After observing these music videos, I found myself comparing them to American music videos. This is a very rough observation, but American music videos seem to be more on the "happy side", even the most darkest & emo moments in American videos don't carry the same persona as European & Russian music videos do. Don't get me wrong, each side of culture has their happy, sad & deep haunting poetic music moments. Just seeing the darkness & brokeness of these European/Russian music videos really stirs up my heart. There's such a recurring theme of sadness, brokeness.....beautiful young ladies who get mad at men who cheated on them, lied, were total jerks.....or the haunting poetic ness of a young lady who doesn't know how a guy she likes feels about her.....I just sense this darkness that washes over my soul....The simple haunting poeticness of these music videos are absolutely beautiful at the same time. I have this joke, those musicians are probably my cousins (since I'm Lithuanian, and Russia practically borders my country) and it's like in some of the videos, I would have done the exact same thing! Wither it be burning coffee dipped letters or sheets of music at a piano in the middle of the Siberian snow, to screaming in a young Russian man's face, it's like they read my haunting poetic heart!

I honestly don't know what it's going to take, but reaching my generation of Europeans & Russians through music ministry......Ive decided is a LIFELONG JOURNEY. Simply having a cute lil Lithuanian metal core acoustic  touring the world whatever band isn't going to cut it...It's going to TAKE TIME. Cultural strongholds don't break overnight. It's going to take time getting to know my dear brothers and sisters, living life with them, walking in their shoes and REALLY being totally immersed in their hearts and everyday life where change will begin to take place....

and  I've also decided I'm dedicated to give my entire life to loving on my dearest brothers and sisters of Europe and Russia.....Whatever it takes....I'm completely all in, For God's glory and His kingdom, to be a  hopeful, kind, joyful, light in the darkest corners...............

Part 2 (to be continued)

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  1. I'm not terribly familiar with the Russian music ministry, bust music ministry is something that's on my heart in general. I find it encouraging to come across people in other countries with that same heart for music ministry.
    Russian music sounds fascinating. I wonder what it'd be like for music from other countries (other that Canada and Australia) to become as common in the U.S. as American music is worldwide?