Monday, April 22, 2013

до свидания & iki pasimatymo & Goodbye

I'm going to be honest,
I'm absolutely TERRIBLE with good byes,
I knew this day was coming in the back of my mind,
but my heart just dies at the thought of it.
I've honestly always felt torn between two different worlds.
Not going to lie, maintaining relationships in the United States and Lithuania and with my friends scattered throughout, is SO HARD.
at the end of the day, it's either one or the other. Skype can only do so much justice. That is the harsh reality of life. I do my best to balance 3 worlds at once. I hope you realize that. I really do try my hardest. I was reminded this year, I'm only human, I can't be "God" to everyone. I confess, there are some relationships this year that I wish could have flourished more, and I failed at that in some aspects. But in my heart about 10 months ago, I made this decision, and so be it. This year may have not been perfect or gone as I hoped, but I still see God's grace and love painted within this coffee stained canvas. In my heart, I'm ready to take a break from the United States for a while, and begin a new life in Eastern Europe. In all honesty, I'm excited to meet dear souls in that region of the world and see what happens for God's glory as we pursue Him together with our passion hearts.

I expect my heart to die for a while within the next couple of weeks, saying goodbye to family and friends in the United States is not easy, it's worse than hell, at least for a while. But I'm simply trusting God throughout every second of it. Easier said than done.

I personally, Aiste Miskinyte,
want to write each one of you dearest friends, a letter expressing my overwhelming thankfulness that we had the blessing of crossing paths, on this side of life. Where to even begin......

I'll never forget the day I met you dearest friend, your beautiful smile, that glimmer in your eye. You're such a sweet soul. My heart will never forget you. I have really really ridiculously good memory, wither that be fortunate or unfortunate, that's either to your benefit or my revenge....=P Looking back, we met at school, Sonshine & Lifelight Festival, in some European country, North Central University, some Jesus freak concert or music ministry event, Swan Lake Church, Corner Coffee Church, other churches, or just randomly ran into each other as God would have perfectly planned it......From the bottom of mano Lietuve heart, thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful memories we were able to share. Time was always too short, and you know it! Meeting each one of you has shaped me into who I am today, so without you, I don't know where  I would be today. I pray that wherever this life may take you, that you would have the relentless courage to passionately pursue the dreams and visions God has placed on your heart for His glory. Remember, no matter what happens in your life THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE. DON'T GIVE UP. I carry your face in my heart for life. Everywhere I go, you'll always be there.
I'll always be praying for you.
Love you so much!
Hopefully see you soon,
Now you have an excuse to travel to Europe, take advantage of it!

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