Monday, May 6, 2013

Learning to Fly Again

It wasn't easy to let you go,
but I knew the day was coming when I simply had to.
It was as hard as hell,
 to look you in the eyes one last time,
In all honestly, not knowing when I would ever see you again,
but I trust with all my heart that God has a plan, that is far greater,

after I thought about it,
you know,
maybe I wasted my time?
To even worry what you thought about me,
about us,
I have dear souls who care about my life alot more than you probably,
so to get caught up in a life of worry,
was completely worthless,
to simply smile with confidence,
look into your wishful eyes,
and then over confidently walk away,
a slap to your face,
knowing that whatever you do,
I'm not going to let how you feel about me,
define me,
God has given me the grace, and an overwhelming heavenly peace to move on.
For now.
I trust whatever happens next is for God's perfect and beautiful pleasure.
With that said, it is now time for me to go live my life.
To restore the fully alive joy that my worrying over you made me lose.

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