Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Flame

I have a confession to make,
On the eve of the New Years,
I wrote your name on a piece of notebook paper,
kissed you goodbye,
one last painful time,
I really didn't want to,
it murdered my heart like no other,
but it had to be done,
My heart wanted to forever stay lost in you,
but my mind convinced me to forget you.
I lit that cursed rose red candle,
and watched the flame,
flicker and dance,
as if it had no care in the world,
as if the flame were a five year old girl,
with wavy brown hair,
piercing hazel eyes,
hands in the air,
running so freely through the wildflowers...
I ripped your name out of the paper,
and held this piece of tatteredness at it's edges,
and slowly placed the tip of it into the flame,
and solemnly watched each letter of your name,
dissolve into mere smoke,
back to God,
 as a single tear fell from my face,
which you didn't deserve a  drop of,
I really regret living "here" somedays,
because of the scars of you,
which you are apathetic and oblivious to,
and all that's left,
is a bloody red wax puddle on my bedroom floor...


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