Friday, January 18, 2013

Our Hell

I'll never forget the day,
we were driving into the Minneapolis sunset,
 and I boldy said,
"The scars of communism DO NOT define who we are,
They have NO control over our
....and we smiled,
laughed it off,
gave each other high fives,
and confidently moved on in our agreement......

Unless you're that fortunate or unfortunate "first generation American" as society labels us, that dear European or Russian soul who went through it or were born during or after it,
or were adopted from a Soviet controlled country,
those above words have no meaning for you,
One does simply not understand,
 what it's like to grow up,
 being that post soviet generation of dreamers,
having to wake up every morning,
and fight this invisible bloody war,
not for yourself,
but for your generation,
in your country,
who is slowly dying an unconscious death each day
because of the aftermath,
of communism's thoughts,
we are SO discouraged,
we are SO broken,
 we SCREAM in silence,
and no one hears us,
just ask the 21 year old young Lithuanian man,
he'll tell you....
Look into the eyes  on an 8 year old  beggar boy on the streets of Vilnius,
 his tears will tell you,
Hold a lovely Macedonian girls hand as you dance with her and twirl her in circles,
Her laughter will tell you,
Ask the lonely Italian man walking the streets of Rome on New Years eve,
his silence will kill you,
Hug the precious blond hair blue eyed Icelandic child,
the essence of her sweetness will melt your heart,
Look deeply in the eyes of a young Russian man,
the sadness in his musical soul will  painfully scream through you......
and leave you breathless,

Everyday you walk by us,
and you don't even know who we are....

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