Wednesday, June 20, 2012

That Awkward Moment When You're In Europe...Part 2

The moment you have all been waiting for....Aiste's awkward European moments part 2....I hope these following stories bring a smile to your face and a laugh to your heart....<3, ~Ruslana Evelyn~ Don't laugh too hard...

These following moments REALLY DID happen in Macedonia,Serbia,Bosnia,Montenegro,Albania,Kosovo & Austria...(Some of them are like WOW...REALLY?!?!?...this Lithuanian is serious...) =P 

That awkward moment of life you are on a plane and need to pee really bad, and a flight attendant over the intercom says to fasten your seat belts...#DANG.

That awkward moment of life when these two European guys are sleeping on the plane and they both tilt their heads toward you (lucky Lithuanian who got the middle seat! =P) and you yourself have no choice, but to attempt to fall asleep with your head much as you are tempted to put your head on a young European man's shoulders...

"Everything in Europe is skinny...the bread sticks...pretzel sticks...side walks...and the people!" ~Cate & Svetla

That funny moment of life you drink almost a whole bottle of...what you thought was Macedonian mineral water, and as you are lost under the Macedonian sky, your are SO giggly and can't stop laughing and Cate and you are being CRAZY!

"Well, be famous in Macedonia!" (Cate and I after taking pictures with these random Macedonian young men)

That awkward moment of life you are buying ice cream and the cashier asks where you are from, and you thought she was talking about just you, (not your entire missions group) and you first say, Lithuania, Minnesota, and then laugh and say, "I look SO Russian, don't I?" #identity.crisis.

"Hi, my name is Aiste, and I'm mistaken for being Russian almost everyday of my life and two years ago, I got lost in Vatican City for 15 minutes!" #true.stories. (introducing myself to Arizona State University, the other 10 out of 20 people on our missions team)

"I'm going to have a funeral ceremony for Ruslana (my flute)...she lived to be 4 years old, now she's somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean...rusting her silver self away..." #lost.luggage. =''(

I want to get lost in You...underneath your Macedonian sky...<3

"Even the fat people in Europe are skinny!" ~Cate

Aiste: "Are you Egyptian?"
Jacobo: "No, I'm actually Mexican..."

That overly adventurous moment of life there are 19 college students packed into 1 large blue van, it's so tall you can actually stand in it, and Bronco (your professor) tells everyone to duck for police as you're speeding down the Macedonian highway, and he says "just kidding" and then he sees real Macedonian police, and you quickly duck once more..

That sermon translating moment when your friend says "Aiste" and Bronco translates into "Svetlana". #so.she.was.a.Russian.spy.all.along.

That moment of life you walk by a group of about 20 Macedonian young men, and you are quite positive, you overheard them say "Rusiskii" (Russian) #dang.even.european.people.I.don't.know.assume.I'm.Russian.

That awkward moment of life when you are walking down one of the church's hallways (Agape in Skopje) and you think you hear 2 ladies speaking Russian, and you lean your head inches away from the door, creeping on their conversation and one of the ladies unexpectedly opens the door and you almost get smacked in the face, and you pretend to keep casually walking, as if nothing happened.

You know you're passionate about European/Russian music ministry, you're walking the streets of Skopje, you are picking out future concert venues in your head for your music ministry...

That adventurous moment of life it's late at night, and you're walking with your missions group on the streets of Shutka, waiting for a bus that possibly might not come...#midnight.European.adventure.

That surreal moment of life your proffesor is driving 2mph through Shutka's downtown city life with a van full of  girls (we made the guys walk behind us HA HA) and as you look out your window, the young Macedonian men, look drop dead gorgeous...#future?...husband?...

That funny moment of life when Cate & Svetla are at a Macedonian restaurant and are joking that the next guy to walk into the restaurant is the one they will marry, and for some funny reason, they keep walking in pairs, and your professor finds out about this, and is like WOW...REALLY!?!?!?

That awkward moment you're eating a Shupska salad at a Macedonian restaurant and this good looking young Macedonian man, (about 100 feet away) won't stop looking at you. #eastern.european.women.

That freakin hilarious moment of life when you find yourself in the heart of Skopje, Macedonia inside Agape Church, literally dressed up like a Russian Red colored pencil commiting a European fashion crime of wearing sneakers...

That awkward momen you are at the most beautiful open air restaurant you've ever been to in Europe, which is literally inside an old castle, and as you're having a European model photo shoot with your dear friend Hannah, the waiter won't stop creeping on you.#Get.Over.My.Russian.Face!

"This restuarant is SO beautiful, I've decided I want to get married here!" ~Svetla #European.Wedding.Plans.

That cute moment of life when a Croatian baby boy (Kiki) won't stop laughing at you as you eat your food. #Lithuanians.are.naturally.funny?

That awkward moment when you yell to Cate, "All European men are Hott!" and as you're walking you look up and to your horror you realize the upstairs window of the church is open, so all the American guys on your missions team just heard your comment...#OUCH.

Cate: "This child is SO DRAMATIC!"
Svetla: "Well, that proves he must be a Russian guy..." #Russian.guy.reality.

That funny moment of life you're teaching one of your friend's the Russian word "Durat" on a bus and as you say this word a little too loud, and an older gentleman nearby has a smirk on his face...#gavaru.parusski?

That musical moment of life you are walking the streets of Skopje's downtown mall and you see this young Macedonian man sitting on a bench, singing and playing his guitar!

That interesting moment of life you're walking the downtown streets of Skopje, and you see a young European man that has dreads...#first.European.I''

Svetla in Russian accent: "American boy like me, but I no like American boy."

WOW...LOL PART 3 coming soon!!!


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