Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Looking back on this beautiful life,
these fading memories are in the back of my mind,
remembering the warm summer August day,
meeting you in the midst of a crowd of 200,000
for some lovely reason you stood out,
your kind brown eyes,
the smiles,
the laughs,
are now a distant thought,
As for why, I have yet to find out...

I'm walking the streets of Vilnius,
it's been 11 years since I last saw you,
sitting there on the street,
dressed in pajamas,
your brown wavy hair,
the saddest eyes,
your head bowed down,
why it had to be you,
I ask God every night...

Oh how you were so kind,
so sweet,
my heart smiled every time I saw you,
I remember trying to find you,
in a sea of 10,000 people,
I didn't need to,
you were standing there,
20 ft away,
with your usual smile that lights up all of heaven and earth,
oh how I wish time was eternal,
those moments were too short,
every second, so precious,
I thank God everyday for you,
such a beautiful soul...
a truly beautiful soul...

Underground coffeeshops,
acoustic worship evenings,
you camouflaged into this lively night scene,
then several months later,
I came across you once again,
an unexpected surprise,
the prayer I once prayed as a cute little challenge to God,
I didn't realize He was going to answer it in the way He did,
my soul laughs at this irony,
you happened to have a passion for the same language as I,
our mini language conversations,
the speechlessness on your face,
as I spoke my language,
your story,
your beautiful story,
Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  Standing on the streets of my favorite European city,
those grey cobble stone streets,
the colorful architecture of the town,
it seemed like a dream,
too good to be true,
to be reality,
a tear slide down my heart,
to be alive for this moment,
you were standing there,
so serious,
walking those streets,
we were seemingly lost,
laughing into the sun,
the priceless smile on your face,
never will I forget,
you totally never saw this crazy surprise coming,
but yes, they do exist,
you did the sweetest thing,
the gift of eternal life,
even though it will take a while to understand the Cyrillic,
my soul smiled so brightly that last day,
Thank you so much for the beautiful memories...

 <3 ~Svetlana~
I pray that these memories, oh these precious memories, are not goodbye...

Say Goodbye by Skillet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XzA0FEEyF8

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