Sunday, June 17, 2012

The End Is Where We Begin

When was this war EVER going to end...
She thought quietly to herself,
outwardly she was silent,
inwardly her soul was screaming for answers,
So many identities,
which one was true?
Ruslana Evelyn in Russia
Svetlana in Macedonia,
Ice Tea in America,
or where all of these names a sum of identities of who she was?
Torn between two  very different worlds every single day,
to the outside world it looked all sweet and cute,
this european passion,
but they really don't see this invisible war,
this reality that is faced everyday,
 a struggle of what identity,
what world to choose,
the sacrifices that have to be made,
 the painful goodbyes that must eventually take place,
oh how it is going to be ever so hard,
questions racing through her mind,
why now? why this time, Father God?
having to trust that God's will,
always seems to show up in those unlikely, unexpected moments of life,
even amidst the chaos,
there is this relentless hope,
a passion burning,
to fight for the souls that have not even been met yet,
having a heart to do whatever it takes to reach these dear brothers and sisters,
even if it means giving up everything,
and starting a new life,
in another place,
another, time,
another world,
starting literally from  absolutely nothing,
and creating something,
something truly beautiful,
in a world scarred with brokeness,
to go to the darkest corners of the earth,
and be that light,
in the "most terrifying" of places ,
to confidentially smile and kiss this darkness...

Power of Your Name by Lincoln Brewster:

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