Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sea Glass Brown Eyes Reflections 3: Double Shot Espresso's & Churches

Continuing my thoughts of how God transformed my life on my month long missions trip to Macedonia.....

Going to Macedonia, one of reasons I was SO EXCITED was to see what the music ministry/worship arts scene was like. I didn't realize God was going to place even more passions and desires on my heart as time went on in this dear country. I've known for quite a few years that God has placed the calling on my life to do music ministry in Europe and Russia............. While I was in Macedonia, God placed the idea of church planting and coffee shop ministry on my heart as well. These ideas I would say aren't exactly "new"....It was more of God reminding me what else I had kind of left in the dusty corners in the back of my mind. I remember back in October there was a church planting conference at my university, and I can honestly say, that was the first time in my life the idea of ACTUALLY planting churches in Lithuania hit me. Being in Macedonia, confirmed this desire, that sometime in the near future, by God's amazing grace, that I would be blessed with the opportunity to plant churches in my dearest home country of Lietuva. I was seriously FREAKING OUT at this very concept. I was like, "God, are you kidding me??? you must be joking!!!! I, Aiste Misknyte, planting churches in Lithuania!?!?! How much more crazy do You want to get!?!?!" I absolutely LOVE how when we as God's children don't believe we are qualified or good enough to accomplish these passions and visions Our Creator places on our hearts, He simply whispers to our soul "I BELIEVE IN YOU, precious son, precious daughter, I believe in you, oh how I believe in the song My heart gave to you..."

So what does church planting in Lithuania look like?.... I've been praying about this perspective since October...and as I continued to pray over these past few days, several days ago, God placed another thought in my head that SERIOUSLY made me want to RUN out of my room....I heard two words..."Hillsong...Lithuania..." I about DIED. My soul came alive and BEYOND freaked out at the same time. There are currently 13 Hillsong churches throughout the world: Hillsong New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Kiev, Germany, Stockholm, Cape Town, Brisbane, Sydney, Melborne, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, & Konstanz.

So adding Hillsong Vilnius to this list couldn't possibly be THAT HARD could it?....LOL This creative idea God gave me is still VERY NEW, I'm trying my best to "digest" these thoughts...I would honestly LOVE if somehow within the next 10 years a Lithuanian Hillsong church actually became a reality. To be a part of the process of starting this church would be such a HUGE honor and a blessing. I think it would be AMAZING to see Hillsong  church plants in EVERY country.....(cough...cough dearest Macedonian musicians...I Believe in you....=P) I know that these churches would be such a light and a joy to each dear brother and sister who comes across them. Just thinking of all the lives that would be forever changed through the heart and passion of worship...I can't stop SMILING!

3. Words. COFFEE SHOP. MINISTRY. As I was walking the streets of Macedonia last month, I was reminded of the fact of how much my dearest European brothers and sisters LOVE their coffee. It's such a common element that almost all of humanity can relate to....ESPECIALLY Europeans...and it got me thinking, finding or creating coffee shops that would simply be for the purpose of ministry. The thing I really like about coffee shops is how "relaxed" of a setting it is...the fresh aroma of coffee, the colorful artistically inspiring walls, the beautiful hipsters....This is THEE PERFECT atmosphere for ministry to happen. Just think, someone walks into one of these European coffee shops, they get their usual double shot espresso, and in the background to the right as they are just about to walk out they hear these sweet acoustic melodies of how much their dear Savior loves them...I think this is truly beautiful.....Europeans...Coffee...Music....a match made in heaven I say!

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