Friday, January 9, 2015

Your Beautiful Soul

Why does my soul say to itself, 
I already know you before I met you? 
One day you"ll look back and see that the blessing you ignored standing eternally in front of your face, as the waves of this life washed by, was your greatest answered prayer in disguise. You"ll probably have regret in your heart, as will I, but truly what is the meaning of this life, if all it ever came was to this? 
Why do I prejudge situations I've never been in? Assuming I know everything, but as I talk to you I realized I knew nothing at all, now I realize your beautiful soul,
And oh, how I was so close to missing it! 
I saw you standing there, smiling so full of energy, life and adventure, the relentless passion in your eyes. I used to be like that once. It's the ghost that haunts me everyday I wake up. I pray that my curiosity and yours is never lost, that we would keep our hearts always open. 

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