Monday, January 19, 2015

The Heart Song

I stood on an expansive dirt hill overlooking Przystanek Woodstock (also known as Polish Woodstock). It was late evening, and I was lost in a sea of dreadlocks, tattoos, ear gauges and the punk rock/ metal artistic craziness of over one million people. I found myself in the evangelistic adventure of a lifetime, near the small southern village of Kostrzyn nad Odrą.

 I carried Ruslana Evelyn (my guitar) and started walking with a few of my friends from my missions school at the early hour of 1 in the morning. I  thought to myself, “What could I possibly be doing at this questionable time on the streets of Woodstock?”   We trudged through roads that were drowning in putrid garbage and every sin imaginable while the smell of cigarette smoke floated in the air like a piercing fog into our eyes.

We arrived at the northern most part of the festival and there I saw of group of fifteen young people sitting in a circle laughing, the aroma of pot and alcohol hung like an old forgotten curtain.  I was too tired to speak with them. I merely and passively walked by.  Then one of the young Polish men noticed I had a guitar and asked, “Cześć, would you like to come hang out with my friends and I?”  At first I was hesitant, and then agreed to do so. Everyone wanted me to play a song, and so the first one to come to my mind was Pasaulio Švesia (Here I Am To Worship). I had no idea why God wanted me to sing this song ( I was very new and afraid with my music evangelism at the time) and especially at this unexpected hour.

Nevertheless, I let this sweet melody drift into the calm starry Polish night sky. Afterwards, I looked up and the same young man who invited me to play had tears in his eyes. He expressed thoughtfully, “Your song really touched my heart.” It was truly an unforgettable precious moment. 

There are many people in the world who are waiting to be inspired by your heart’s song. Will you find the boldness to share your story? 

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