Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Outcast

I know your pain
One morning I woke up and I realized I never wanted to be like you (society) EVER. 
I would rather die than disown the heart and soul of who I am. 
I know that feeling of looking into the eyes of your own flesh and blood and all you receive back is a blank stare of judgement. 
Been there done that one too many times. 
Why be the same when you can be different? 
A life of conformity, trapped in a box, a filthy rat cage, 
Didn't you ever dream of something more? Or did you assume that what you saw with your own eyes was all that there was?


As I was walking the dark streets several evenings ago, this thought finally resonated with my heart,  I truly, deeply understand what it"s like to be you. I walked in your shoes. For those of you who feel outcasted by society, you are not alone, I promise you. I would like to take the time to thank those of you. From the bottom of my heart thank you for being willing to stand strong in what you believed in, even when the society around you laughed at you, insulted you, mocked you, rejected you, spit in your face, called you stupid, called you a loser, and said that you were too radical, too bold, too creatively different for Jesus with your passions, visions, and dreams. It is because of you I stand here today with relentless eternal burning passion and fire in my eyes for God"s glory. In those moments you felt embarrassed to be "different" and thought your efforts were meaningless, futile, and in vain, they were not, I was watching you. You may not have directly noticed, but I was. Thank you for taking up your cross every single day in and day out  even though it was painful and I know you cried endless tears during this process. Thank you for setting such a phenomenal example of what it means to die to yourself and love those who seem impossible to love. Thank you for immersing yourself in the holy presence of Yeshua in such a way that it was clearly and visibly noticed in every breath you breathed, every word prayed, every lyric sung, every note strummed, every smile, every hug, every conversation, the essence an aroma of your life pointed straight to the Passion of the Cross of our dearest Savior....thank you. It is someone special like you, who truly impacted and changed the world for the better by portraying your beautiful heart like the colors of a Baltic sunset...

I would rather die an outcast and have COMPLETELY experienced the true love of Jesus, than to be eternally trapped in a filthy rat cage of conformity. 

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