Saturday, December 1, 2012

Embracing "Poorness"

Ever since I started this financial raising year for my Lietuva 2013 passion, in my heart I feel like God has taught me so many beautiful expressions of life I would have probably not learned if I wouldn't have gone through this non-traditional year. Growing up, I seriously thought that when it came to life after high school, I would simply go through 4 years of college, double major, and travel the world after that. We my friends, serve a God who has this way of taking what we thought we were going to do, and loves turning our plans upside down, even the opposite direction, and blessing our lives in ways we never imagined.

I honestly never thought I would be that young Lithuanian lady who would take a year off from college to raise funds for a passion God placed in my heart. Not in a million years. I only do this year because I'm completely trusting the vision/dream God inspired me with this past summer. Even if people might judge me, or look at me like I'm completely crazy, I've come to peace and the realization of what it means to REALLY embrace YOUR OWN God given calling in life, and not compare myself to others and their God given callings. and honestly, that  IS really hard for me to do most days.

This year has taught me what it means to "Embrace Poorness". Obviously I will never even begin to taste the essence of what being poor means compared to other parts of the world. By poorness, I mean literally starting from nothing, and making something. This is my first year living in an apartment and setting money aside for basic essentials. It's been a very interesting learning how to balance paying bills and raising money for Lithuania. I really feel like my financial eyes have been opened this year. I'm honestly glad I realized this when I was 19 rather than 10 years from now. I've also realized, very soon in my life, transitioning into full time music missions, It's not the highest paying job for sure. I'm completely at peace with that. I just think that if I don't follow this music missions passion on my heart for Lietuva, Eastern Europe and Russia, who's going to do it? Honestly I look at society, and I feel like most people would not be willing to give up their lives to love people throughout the world doing radical music missions. This might sound harsh, but in some aspects it's reality. I also understand that people obviously can have different callings in life other than music missions which is great as well! I want to make a living and be able to pay for the basic essentials, and support those around me when I can, but other than that, I don't want money to be my main motivation in life. I've been blessed to travel to 14 European countries over my life time, and I've gotten to witness first hand how my dear brothers and sisters around the world live.

Reality is, we can live off of so little...let me repeat this....Reality is...we can live off of so little....

So this year, especially after getting back from Macedonia this past May, I've tried my best to live off as little as I can to support my dearest European/Russian brothers and sisters. It's not easy, and it's definitely more of a heart thing for me as well.

At the end of the day.....

If I only get the chance to live this beautiful life once, I want to be caught dead singing about Jesus love to my European/Russian generation.   <3 <3 <3

P.S. ...............................and especially for all you lovely young men out there who don't respect this, and think I'm some cute young Lithuanian skipping around in the pink wildflowers, you honestly really don't know who I am, and I  am NEVER going to change myself for you, so you can take your acoustic guitar, and just walk out  my door....seriously.....

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