Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Forever Lost in Your Глаза

What happens when you feel in your heart that your passion has died?
As if someone took the mid summer starry night sky of your soul and ripped in in half  like a common white piece of paper.
The doubt that grips your very being like a black hole,
but you know that your only choice left is to go through the deathly darkness,
and finish strong,
because you know if you give up,
you will look back with regret,
and the pain of "What could have been" will haunt you for the rest of your life.
I've come to peace with time,
time is time,
so be it,
let it be painfully slow,
let it fly by gladly,
seasons of life will come and go,
the kisses of lovers,
the smiles of friends,
Just embrace each precious moment your dearest Savior gives you,
Don't worry if your path of life feels so overly hipster or beyond the road less traveled,
Trust that God knows what He's doing,
even if at the current moment it seems like there's no freakin way it will 'work out",
because in the end Jesus's grazyna aistra (beautiful passion)  for you will fall into that perfect place,
like the sweetest melody your heart has ever sung,
as you forever lose yourself in His Глаза (eyes).....

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