Saturday, November 10, 2012

There Will Always Be

The following poem was inspired by my crazy Lietuva 2013 passion...

Those big shy glazed hazel brown eyes reflected the  bright illuminating stage lights,
She stood there quietly,
lost in a sea of colorful noise of thousands of souls,
sweetly smiling at her musical inspiration,
praying one day she would grow up to be just like him...

many years later she realized the reality deep inside her heart,

There will always be those lovers who say they love you,
but lies flood their scandalous seemingly sweet lips, (EF)

There will always be those people who hate your freakin guts,
wish you the worst, and desire to see you fail because they are jealous of your beautiful heart.

There will always be those doubters who doubt your God given passions, visions, and dreams

There will always be those dark, haunting, depressing and scarring days where you want to simply just give up.

There will always be those true dear friends who believe in you, laugh with you, cry with you, sing with you, dance with you, and be complete fools with you.

There will always be those days when God leaves you absolutely speechless and tears are endlessly streaming down your face as you realize the sweet warmth of His ocean wide Love,

and she decided that a choice had to be made, give up on her passion,,,,or go through the blackest fire...

She chose the blackest fire, knowing that there would be
but  in the end, it was for His glory, and it was SO  going to be WORTH IT...

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