Sunday, December 2, 2012

Forgetting You

There came a time,
where I simply had to draw that line,
once and for all,
I loved you,
but in my heart,
I have disowned this country,
and with this,
I chose to leave the last 2 decades of my life in America,
completely behind,
it was so hard,
ever so painful,
but it had to be done,
It's time to forget the old,
 what was in the past,
step on that plane,
as I sweetly toss you red rose petals,
and disappear off into the golden sunset,
so you can have a bittersweet memory of my tears for you,
A new beginning awaits,
a fresh start,
without you,
but forever in my heart,
like the eyes of a blonde hair blue eyed boy,
I once remembered...

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