Sunday, July 13, 2014


Today something happened that usually NEVER happens to me.
I was sitting in the church service today, and the preacher called over to me  and said that he wanted to pray for me. I got up and stood in front of the entire church and he prayed.

Later that evening as I reflected back on the church service,  I just started to cry, for God gave me another revelation of His heart. He revealed to me in my heart that my people, we feel forgotten and overlooked by society. I know that I have felt these feelings lately and throughout my life during different seasons. My people of Eastern Europe, are hurting, and not just merely hurting, but deeply wounded and scarred.  We are scarred because of our pasts, we are afraid, really afraid. Our creativity has been thrown into the chains of bondage. We feel trapped, insecure, we don't show the world our true feelings. We keep these feelings of anger, sadness, depression, joy, and hope suppressed, we have become "masters of the art" of hiding who we really are, cause we are afraid if people see us for who we really are, they won't like us. My heart really started to break for all the young people in my city, and in Europe, all those hard and painful things of life that they are going through. I once heard this phrase from a wise Polish soul that the countries that need God the most experience the greatest miracles. I believe Lithuania is definitely one of those countries. I really believe Jesus is going to pour out His love in such a passionate way, that He is going to heal this haunting brokeness that exists amongst my people, He is going to wipe every tear away, and just hold our country in His everlasting loving embrace. I firmly believe that the greatest miracles have yet to come to dearest Lithuania..... 

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