Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stranded In the Desert

( I dedicate this prayer reflection to anyone who finds themselves in this place) 

Why do I feel like I'm fading?
I'm trusting you God,
I really am,
Or so I thought......
5 months in,
and I honestly don't know what to think,
now I understand why people leave,
they simply have enough and leave,
this part of the world is rough,
if my own flesh and blood did not trace back here,
I probably wouldn't be here.
I know Father God,
You don't give IRRELEVANT dreams,
but I'm starting to doubt the dream You placed on my heart.
Society will laugh and mock me for it.
The ones closest to me will stare into the eyes of a stranger they never knew.
The need is simply too great.
To say that there is no hope for a country would be a terrible phrase to utter.
The spiritual atmosphere is like an African desert but yet it's Siberia outside.
How can this be?
Why does nobody seem to care about You?
Why has my generation forgotten their first love?
Why have they been silenced?
Who silenced them?
The ideas of money, sex, drinking, living life in the moment, materialism.....
The shallowness of society makes me so depressed.
Is this what the world has come to?
I know God that You don't give the ones You love more than they can handle. 
I firmly believe that.
But the mountain that is in front me?
Really God?
You must be joking...
I do my best to remember how You came through in the past.
and You came through like the greatest lightening storm.
So I know You will come through again....and again......
Some things in life honestly don't seem to have a rhythm.
Certain situations that are only a coincidence from You.
I trust You Father God.
Wither the healing comes,
I trust You with my whole life.
When everyone around becomes to busy to remember who You are,
I will kneel at the dusty cross,
and remember You.
Father, forgive me for every time I did forget You.
I cry out for my generation,
Forget not the ones You love,

Never forget the ones You love,

Father God, I pray that the ones You love would not be forgotten.

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