Saturday, February 8, 2014


(a reflection dedicated to the next generation of visionaries)

She walked down the old paved street that her ancestors had trodden
that shivering snake feeling slithered up her spine,
Now in her mind everything was slowly starting to make sense,
and the sound of her heart kept playing the sweet melody over and over,
as she continued to walk,
looking in the Baltic brown,
Baltic blue,
Baltic green hazel eyes of each dear soul that she passed by,
and the tears started to roll down her face,
her heart was screaming,
like a human that was locked in a cage, shaking the metal bars with all their might,
but her outside composure was calm and collected as if nothing had happened,
dare she outcast herself within a melancholic culture and express so otherwise,
and she kept hearing the endless echoing word in her soul, it whispered,
and louder and louder...
SPEAK....but she couldn't utter a single breath,
she couldn't form a single lyrical melody on her lips,
couldn't find the inspiration of a single strum on the guitar,
her fingers were too frozen to flaut a sweet summer's cherry blossom breeze,
She walked  by the suffering,
the broken hearted,
the depressed,
the alcoholic,
the scarred,
the sick,
the worrier,
the lover,
but her heart had lost its voice.
She simply could not SPEAK.
but the voice kept screaming inside her...
the she saw a vision,
she envisioned this young lady,
who just poured her heart out to the world,
who was so passionate with her speech to those who cared to listen,
who spoke words of life, words of hope,
She gave everything she had within her soul,
and just poured it out for the world to see,
and she didn't hold back,
she didn't hide or water down her message,
every lyric that was sung to a dying world,
was so transparent,
so genuine,
so authentic,
her entire being was consumed into this, like a poetic fire that ferociously burned it all up,
and she cried the most passionate tears with all her heart,
and she gave everything,
her heart,
her soul,
her entire being,
and she collapsed on the stage,
as if she fell over dead, but her spirit was still alive,
and the microphone rolled out of her hand,
for she gave everything she had left,
until she had absolutely no more to give,
so that this dying world could know,
about a dearest Savior who loves them and who gave absolutely everything....
absolutely everything,
until His last dyring breath,
as wine red bloody sweat dripped from His thorn torn brow,
as He passionately looked up to the sky,
and painfully gazed back to His Father in heaven......
and breathed His last.....
and then He SPOKE..........
 "It Is Finished"......

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