Monday, February 4, 2013


I stood there as still as death on this dark snowless night
My heart had unfortnately realized a sad reality
I can't believe my foolishness,
Oh my year long foolishness,
Why had it taken me SO LONG?
Oh you foolish Lithuanian child!
What were you thinking?
To ensnare yourself in an American lover's trap,
you scandalous soul,
What were you thinking?
What was I thinking?....seriously
Just realizing how this moment of time came SO FREAKIN close to not being,
All the God coincidence circumstances that it took to get to this very moment,
proves that this life in America was sadly, never meant to be.
It's so hard to let you go,
You have no idea,
Having to write you a goodbye letter,
my hands are too weak to hold the cursed pen,
to the crumbling coffee stained paper,
Oh why did it have to come to this?,
this shattered letter,
which could revive the heart to life,
or forever crush it into darkness,
I have yet to find out,
The question is,
do I want to find out?
So with a very heavy eastern european heart,
I move, I mean crawl on,
into the unknown,
trusting Someday, God will bless us with the chance to cross paths....again...
until then....
the time that passes will simply be frozen....

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