Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Future Whoever You Are

In honor of Valentine's Day this year, just thought I'd post a cute little summary of characteristics I'm looking for in my future husband.....don't laugh too hard...=P

1) Must love Jesus more than he loves my crae crae cute, innocent Lietuve self
2) Has a heart for global music ministry missions, specifically the Eastern European/Russian region of the world
3) Must love children =) 
4) Would be nice if he actually is a musician of some sort
5) MUST speak Russian (this MAY be waived depending on who he is...)
6) Is simply FREAKIN.HILARIOUS. & not afraid of embarrassing himself in European public
7) Is not afraid of adventure and traveling all over Europe and Russia and the world & being immersed in a diverse amount of cultural situations.
8) Must be able to survive a Devil Wears Prada/As I Lay Dying concert, cause this is what he's getting himself into for the rest of his life....#hardcore.Eastern.European/
9) Would be nice if he had a sense of European fashion....(seriously what man does?...they all need much help) or at least have some appreciation for the colorful/hipster/ punk rock dress style  and have a crazy wild emo/punk hairstyle....
10) He CAN be American...YES...I, just that he CAN be American....okay wait...I'm having second thoughts...

If you match up with all or a me....=P 
Ruslana Evelyn

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