Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Friend or Fan?"

Being involved in the Christian music world for the last 10 years, has really lately gotten me thinking about how I define the everyday yet controversial words "Friend" and "Fan". What I'm about to explain is my perspective on how these two words have affected my life.  By no means do you have to agree with me, in fact this would be really fun to debate and argue out...Seriously!!!! I really don't like using dictionary references to define a word, but let's just start from the dirt basics...What is a "Friend"..."One attached to another by affection or esteem." (Webster) While a fan is a "enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or performing art), usually a spectator or an "Ardent Admirer." (Webster)..."Every friend is a gift from God Treat each of your friends as the Gift He or She is." (Quotes, Laura) Some synonyms for friend are "Acquaintance, buddy, companion, side kick & soul mate"...and  synonyms for "fan"  are "addict, admirer, freak, supporter, follower." As you may already know from previous blogs I've written, I fell in love with Christian music when I was just 8 years old. So over the years, I've had my share of  perspective on this whole friend/fan thing...and let me tell you...It drives me absolutely CRAZY!!! I've honestly never liked the word "fan" to begin with...I actually find it quite offensive! I remember not too long ago, meeting a band. I honestly really "admired" every guy in that band. They were such and inspiration to me and I thought it was a dream come true to have discovered them. But unfortunately a few years later, I realized who they actually were. Personally it looked like  a few or a certain individual had let the "Fame" of this whole band thing get to his head. I'm the type of person who is VERY relationship orientated and since I've always as a young girl been inspired by Christian musicians...especially the guys, I've always wanted to be friends with them just like I would any other friend who is not in a Christian band...You think that it would seem VERY simple having a friend who is in a band...well in my wasn't. It was an honest struggle. With this particular band, I wrote them letters, and every time I got a chance to talk to them I would tell them how much they mean to me and my life...But it seemed like they just didn't get it...I was always considered a mere "Fan" in their eyes...and let me tell you, they still don't realize it...It really hurts...What if I told you I was a "Fan of God" my opinion this means that I am a mere admirer or spectator...I don't know him personally...He's just this supposedly cool guy and the whole " genuine personal deep relationship" is NOT there...we don't know each other...While if I were to tell you that I am a "Friend of God" I have a genuine inner personal relationship with him, he knows me very well andI know him very well.We walk life together. We laugh together, cry together and share moments of happiness and sorrow. We are there for each other when life get's tough. Now apply to what I just said to this whole Christian musician thing. That's where things start to get a little messy. Personally, ESPECIALLY if you consider your band to be within the Christian music genre, let's hope that your central mission is to connect people to Christ. In my perspective their is a difference between a band who doesn't specify that their music is Christian and they say they love Jesus Christ and a band who specifically labels their band as "Christian" and says they love Jesus Christ. (I might get smacked in the face for what I'm about to say) But sadly, there are those bands out there who I think have COMPLETELY or at least partially missed the point. I never said every band, just a select few. I think every band since we are all human obviously have had their share of mistakes. So if you're that band that is trying to connect others to Christ, you are going to be meeting and dealing with all sorts of people. All I'm going to say is, YOU have it coming for you... I realized quite recently, that at the end of the day, if you are a Christian musician it's how you treat your family, friends and "fans" that matter more than your stage performance or music in general does. So as a Christian musician, if you are going to be alluring people in, and you know that those people want to be genuine friends with you...why still call them your "fans"? I'm sorry but I am VERY OFFENDED when I'm hoping to be friends with a Christian musician and all they label me is as a "fan"...because what does a "fan" do again? They are a mere spectator who watches from a distance and doesn't really know that person... While a "friend" is someone who you share your heart and life with..Which one sounds more alluring to you personally? So don't expect me to support a band's music if all they do is label me as some  LaLa fan...They are not worth my time or money. I mentioned in my previous blog how I want to start a European music ministry one day. I feel as if some bands treat other bands with great respect, but any person who is not their close friend or family...they shake them off as a "mere fan" about...OUCH. Just because I don't have a band NOW doesn't make me any less of a person. Whether certain bands will admit they make people feel like this or not, that's how they are coming off across as. So let's say I start my music ministry within the next 5 years...God blesses me with that music platform and now I have to live up to this Christlike calling in the Christian music industry. I'm the type of person who, when I meet someone within the first 10 seconds, I consider them a friend. They are my dear brother and sister in Christ. I would NEVER consider anyone I meet in this life to be a "fan" of me. That thought just makes my stomach feel SICK. I would consider them as DEAR FRIENDS. When I start my music ministry, I am going to be everything to my friends that every Christian musician WAS NOT to me...OUCH. I am going to be that girl, who after her shows, I will stay up till FREAKIN 5am in the morning to talk with all my DEAR FRIENDS personally...I'm dead serious. I don't care how long it takes. That's what Christ has called me to do. Not just to merely make music, but to LOVE ON HIS BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. I will be that Christian musician girl who gives my cell phone number away to DEAR FRIENDS who need someone to encourage them in their life. (Don't get me wrong there are certain obsessive people who giving my cell number to would be a really bad idea) I will be that Christian musician girl who goes out for coffee or on a walk with my DEAR FRIENDS. I want to show them the genuine LOVE of Jesus...AND Last but not all those bands who ever considered me a "Mere Fan"...just you wait...when my music ministry is in full swing and you come over to me... I will DENY that I know you in any other way besides just being a "Mere Fan" and see how YOU like it...Then maybe you'll realize that my friendship with you was no joke...I was being be continued Part 2

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