Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Looking Back 7 Years...Part 2

So I promised I would write a Part 2 to this post...Well here it is! :) SO...how does an all guy band or partial guy band feel about girls that "FREAK OUT" over them...Very touchy subject you may ask? AHMEN...That's why I'm blogging about it...I always ask myself so where did this   "Oh my gosh, he is the cutest musician ever, I want to marry him tomorrow!!!!!" obsession come from anyways? Girls, let's be honest now...we have to admit we really admire those guys out there who we think are good looking and attractive...It's like we make it into some game, seeing who can spy out and find the cutest guy out there...I think it's ridiculous all the emotional drama we go through because of guys...Like stop reading this and think for a second, how many times in your life have you "suffered" emotional drama because of ONE guy? From my perspective I think musician guys purely enjoy the attention they are getting from girls, it's healthy, it's great...it's the way God created us...UNTIL it becomes something we obsess about. I think some girls in today's culture don't realize that the "famous" cute guy musician is just a regular person like everyone else. They put him on this Greek God-like pedastool as if he is more elite than the rest of society. At the end of the day, he's just like any other guy,( these are just "bring you back to reality examples" I obviously realize not EVERY guy is like this LOL) he's had that ugly break up with his girlfriend, he has thrown up and gotten sick, he has actually tripped and fallen flat on his face bruising his nose. Also, most importantly he is God's child  whom Jesus loves very much...I feel as though we girls fail to see that cute musician guy through the eye's of Christ...I'll never forget the day when I was about 12 or 13 and coming across this reading that explained how we should treat the guys in our life as "Brothers in Christ" and not as "Potential guys I will date"...I feel so blessed to have come across this word of advice at a young age, because those above words honestly shaped my perspective on how I treat guys.  There is something so beautiful about guys and girls being great friends...the RELATIONSHIP LASTS LONGER...you get to know each other without having to worry about all the complicated dating issues. Does life get any better than that?!?!
As I mentioned in Part 1 unfortunately... I've come across the frogs and toads of Christian guy musicians... As oxymoronic as that may sound...they are out there... and once again...I learned the HARD way... Just because a guy labels himself as a "Christian musician" doesn't exactly mean he lives up to that high calling. I've talked to girls and just observed and myself experienced how falling in love with a Christian guy musician can end and be very emotionally traumatizing. I have to admit we as girls ARE VERY emotional, dramatic and  become very relationally attached to guys...It's the beautiful way God made us! :) Why else would Soul Glow Activator (Lead singer of FamilyForce 5) feel inspired to write a song titled "Drama Queen" ?!?!?! =P I'd have to say one of the most saddest and heart breaking instances are when we fall in love with a Christian musician guy who we found out in the painful end...is NOT who he said he was...We remember that day we shook his soft hand and looked into his hidden "Scandalous brown eyes" (give lyrical credit) and thought that he was the greatest guy we had ever met...absolutely...PERFECT.... That day you went to his first concert and fell in Love with his music as well...I think all of us who have a passion for music...have some sort of story to tell about this. You can't stop thinking about him. You want to marry him and have "millions of babies"... Every time you meet him you feel as though you have to say the right words or he will think you are stupid or not worth loving...You spend endless tiring hours coming up with the perfect speech to tell him your "Life story in 10 seconds"... Yes, I just said those words..."Not. Worth. Loving." Believe it or not, there are girls including myself who have or once thought that who they were was how a guy DEFINED them...Scary revelation you may ask? YEP. But sadly, it's SO TRUE in today's culture. I believe we as girls have to STOP letting guys DEFINE who we are. We are God's blessed Daughter whom He finds VERY WORTH LOVING...Let me repeat this phrase, let it sink into your soul, dear sister...We are God's blessed Daughter whom he finds VERY WORTH LOVING...I recently posted this quote as my facebook status, "That day you finally realize that you do not need to be "good enough" for a guy...if that is the case...that simply means he is not good enough for you...God has someone better in mind whether you believe it or not." AHMEN. WE are God's priceless and beautiful daughters...just as God treats us...we deserve to be treated the same way by a guy!  Going back to the Christian musician guy...Personally I think if you are going to be singing the name of Christ to girls who look up to you...you should more or less act like it. At the end of the day I believe it is how a Christian musician treats and LOVES his/her family, friends & fans that matter the most rather than his or her stage performance... WHY? you may ask...Well let's go back to the dirt basics in the bible. Why are we here? What is our mission? Christ says, "LOVE one another as I have LOVED you." Does Christ even mention anything about how skilled or great your music needs to be or what famous over the top pedastool platform you should be achieving??? NO. So what makes a Christian guy musician who you know is not a fake TRULY attractive? How he LOVES EVERY single person God has blessed him to cross paths with in his beautiful life...To Be Continued Part 3

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