Thursday, March 13, 2014

It Was Worth It

As I look back on my life at how God has carried me through,
I can't help but stand in amazement,
and shed a single tear of gratefulness,
I look at those moments of suffering,
and in that time of my life when in hurt so bad,
I wanted to give up, and quit,
because the pain of this life was simply too much,
I fall to my knees and just cry at how God gave me the strength to rise above it,
to persevere through the hardest hells,
and to arise from the beauty of ashes,
somehow....still alive,
It was worth it.....
It's those moments when you realize God has blessed your faithfulness,
those small unforgettable moments of His glory,
were worth all those years of suffering,
just to be alive to see His heart,
His soul,
His smile,
His hope for your people,
it's those moments,
you meet that dear soul,
that otherwise you wouldn't have met,
if you would have given up hope,
and then you realize why God told you to hold on to His heart for so long,
and your realize,
For those moments that anyone has ever laughed or judged you,
for going out of your way to love them,
they spit in your face over your passions, visions, dreams,
they mock you, reject you, even lost friendships arise,
For the sake of bearing Jesus name,
IT was worth the rejection,
I just stand here and cry at the beauty,
at Jesus beauty,
that He has let me live to experience,
it's too wonderful for words,
never will I forget such moments,
and never will I forget that look of gleaming hope,
in his hazel brown eyes,
that I thought was impossible to even exist,
It. Was.Worth. It. 

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