Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Ačiū Prašom mystery man

An "imaginative story"  to brighten your miserable finals study.........=P

I stood there in the cold snowy/rainy Baltic winter day
Waiting at the bus stop
Everything around me seemed so grey, cloudy and lifeless,
Not a single human soul was to be found on this side of Eastern European heaven,
I  clicked my lace up black leather boots a few times together,
heel to heel,
toe to toe,
As I stared at the white washed cement pavement,  as if I were the Lithuanian version of Dorothy.
Out of nowhere a black car zoomed past me,
which slightly startled  my thoughts which had creatively drifted into some unknown sweet musical metalcore land,
Five minutes later the same black car turned around and came back,
It stopped for a few seconds,
There was a young man sitting inside
He stared at me,
I blankly stared at him,
He continued to stare at me,
I continued to stare blankly at I was about to roll my hazel Lietuvė eyes at the hopelessness of highly socially awkward Eastern European men
Then he FINALLY said something...(Which is good, cause I wouldn't said nothing and forever held my silence)
I quickly looked to the sky and said a "Thank you Jėzus, I thought the social awkwardness was never going to end" prayer,
He opened his car door,
And I stood there speechlessly in shock,
Let's just say God has a cute and funny way of contradicting your doubts,
......Just when you thought you had lost all your hope in young Eastern European man humanity...
"He Appears"
I've come to the conclusion that's simply how life works,
Full of beautiful unexpected surprises,
Anyways, as I stand there,
He asks me if I need a ride,
 Knowing what my mama ir tėtė taught me,
Let's OVER analyze this situation,
"Black car zooms past, retraces its steps, pauses for a few seconds, handsome man opens his car door and asks if I need a ride....." first instinct is HELL to the freakin NO. I know your type been there done that seven times seventy seven times seventy seven hundred times over....old story...I see through your melynos akys, through your soul, your scandalous deceptive smile, you have no idea who I am, but boy, I KNOW EXACTLY who you are.....
but then again, he seemed too kind and let's be tell some handsome stranger that you can cough cough "see through the soul of who he is" would be ever so Eastern Europeanly Lietuvė...AWKWARD. those 10 seconds, I simply said YES....or TAIP or DA....or something like that ( I forget which language I used honestly)

and that was probably one of the best "TAIPs" I have ever risked to say in my life......

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