Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Childhood Charms

I realized that in my heart i would always love him, 
even after we both got married to different people,
 those butterfly feelings of always falling in love with him would eternally be the traces of our childhood charms, permanently marked on both of our hearts...

We may both lead different lives, 
have boyfriends or girlfriends or love different people,
 but when we get together, 
its just like the old times,
 tempting one another with our European beautifulness, 
cracking jokes, 
laughing nostalgically on all the memories made, 
i have grown, i have changed, 
and i know every time we get together, 
my heart will naturally fall in love with you again, and again, and endlessly again, 
even though now i consider you to be my brother....
and you know what,  that"s okay...

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