Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Law .

I dedicate this poem to any of my dear brothers and sisters who have ever felt like they have been misunderstood, judged, or simply afraid of showing the world  your God given true self. My heart goes out to you <3

I’ll never forget my darkest night on German soil
The loud screaming thunder echoed the cries of my silenced heart
I ran out into the haunting cloudy dark depressing pounding rain
My muddy barefoot steps illuminated by the terrifying lightening
and as I collapsed to my knees on the drowned soil that was gasping for air but had no comfort,
so was I,
reality had hit me too hard in the face,
I couldn’t stand it’s painful blows,
I just wanted to strangle the law that was passed in 2010,
The cursed fact that I couldn’t escape,
I was just so sick of the lies,
I promised myself that if being deathly honest was the key that would end it all,
That would just end the beautiful gaze in his deep blue glaza,
So be it,
I hate the past,
I’m ashamed of my past,
I’m sick of explaining to people of my past,
I had no choice of my past,
It happened,
And the scars of 20 years later remain,
Seriously, don’t judge,
If you would have walked in my shoes,
You would have understood my pain and scars,
You’re honestly so narrow minded,
Judging me out,
Because I wasn’t born into the country I wish I could have been,
Travel the world,
Gain some global perspective,
Get out of your” little country is the entire world” mindset,
Open your heart,
Open your eyes,
I choose to be honest,
It hurts like hell to be honest,
As I look in your blue glaza,
But the time has come,
To show and be my true self,
And whatever happens,
Is simply God’s will,
I honestly hate being honest,
Because of your judgments and misconceptions,
But I’m honestly so done with this mask of lies,
I’m so done with trying to impress you and act like I have it all together,
Being someone I’m not,
It’s time to be my true self,
And simply forget what you think.

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