Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lithuanian Musicianary

Lithuanian Musicianary
I can’t believe in 15 days I will be on dearest Lithuanian soil once again. It has truly been the longest 5 years of my life. I’m still speechless how God provided a way for me to move back to Lithuania. Exactly 15 months later, this beautiful Eastern European life has unfolded before my very eyes.  With my extreme excitement, comes extreme life changes and responsibilities. This morning it hit me like no other at the reality of what I was actually doing with my life. Moving back to Lithuania for God, to attend university and begin this Eastern European music mission’s passion that God placed on my heart. To be honest, I’m SO excited, it’s hard to fall asleep these nights, on the other hand I’m as TERRIFIED AS HELL. I remember as I was praying this morning, I simply gave this Lithuanian missions passion back to God. Realizing the challenges that lie ahead, I honestly feel so inadequate and unqualified for what God has called me to do. When I get to Lithuania, I will be meeting Lithuanian pastors and churches for the first time in my life. I am literally starting from NOTHING and making something. I do have a few missionary connections in Lietuva (how you say Lithuania in Lithuanian) but other than that I’m completely trusting God for vision and direction.  At the age of 20, from the bottom of my heart, I feel so blessed to have gone through so many crazy cultural experiences. It’s as if all the moments of my life, the heavens, hells, joys and depressions, God has been preparing me for this move to Lietuva.  I know I will literally cry my eyes out once I touch Lietuva soil. To me, Lietuva is my home. Where my own flesh and blood is from.  I can be mistaken for being Russian, Polish, the cursed A word, or some other Slavic country,  but at the end of the day in my heart of hearts I’m Lithuanian. I feel like Lithuania is a forgotten country by the world. Nobody honestly really knows where it is. Most people associate it as the country that borders Poland and Russia. We are a small nation of about 5 million people. To fight for my identity as a Lithuanian isn’t easy. Whatever society may say, I believe there is only hope for Lithuania and the rest of the Baltic countries (Estonia & Latvia). I firmly believe that only greater things have yet to come and God is going to do many miracles of the impossible.
As for what direction and visions God has given me for Lietuva so far……
I would love to start a music ministry band and eventually have it associated with Steiger International’s Platform of Evangelistic Artists.  The style would be metal core…..with its moments of acoustic when needed. I’m praying that while I’m in Lithuania God will bless me with the band members. It would be a dream to have band members from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic….any European country……
I would also like to have No Longer Music (One of Steiger’s international outreach bands) come tour in Lithuania within the next 2 years. I’ve never organized a music ministry tour before, so I’m trusting God to come through on this if it is His will. Potential cities to set up the tour in would be: Vilnius, Klaipeda, Kaunas, Marijampole, Siauluai and other smaller towns.
Also being in Lithuania, I simply just want to get to know my people better and really get to understand how they view life and God. Just simply establishing lifelong friendships and living life together. I would like to start coffee shop ministries as well.

The Baltic Initiative…This is a church planting organization specifically dedicated to planting churches in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. God has also placed church planting on my heart.

It’s really hard for me to summarize all these crazy ideas that God has placed on my heart for Lietuva, but I trust that He will make these visions even more clear as time moves on.  Dearest friends, I continue to ask for your prayers, as I take one of the largest steps of faith in this crazy beautiful life! =)

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