Monday, October 8, 2012


I've been wanting to write out what I personally like to call 
THE PASSION PRAYER...for the longest time.
God gave me these words when I was on my missions trip to Macedonia, May 2012. I pray this prayer over ALL of my family, relatives, friends, my dearest brothers and sisters all over the world, every person I've ever met...and I guess you could say the more mysterious/controversial side of this prayer, is that I pray this prayer over "strangers"....people I've simply never met,as I'm walking the streets of this beautiful life. I believe every morning when I wake up and I'm walking somewhere wither it be work, or just enjoying life, the people I see I know God placed in my path for a reason, so I say The Passion Prayer over them. So the instant I met you, I secretly prayed this prayer over you dear friend, without you even knowing....How much more "Russian spy?" can one get? =P  I honestly believe EVERY dear soul I've EVER met in this life is NOT AN ACCIDENT, but a DIVINE APPOINTMENT. So...if you've ever wondered what was REALLY behind those scandalous  Lithuanian deep brown hazel eyes....

Father God, into your hands I lift up my dear brother/sister.
I pray in Your mighty and holy name,
that You would revive those passions, visions, and dreams that have been made dead inside their heart.
I pray that you would make them alive in You again.
I pray that You would give them the boldness, courage and fearlessness to pursue these passions, visions, and dreams until their last dying breath.
I pray for any struggles they may be going through that You would be with them every step of the way, smiling down upon then.
I pray for all the joys of life they are experiencing that You would give them the heart to keep that sweet spirit.
Into Your loving hands I commit my dear brother/sister to You Jesus.

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